Fashionator App Key Feature

3d Fashion Illustration

3d Design is not Difficult Anyomore

If you don’t know how to make patterns, don’t worry! Our Digital Fashion Design Tools  are  based on illustration techniques, just take the Pencil and Draw your Imagination.

NFT Ready

Fashionator App is a great tool for turning your creativity into money! You can export your 3d clothes and sell them at popular NFT marketplaces! You Creativity is Valuable!

Save Environment, Wear Digital Clothes

Did you buy a virtual dress which is made by Fashionator App? You don’t need to be a premium subscriber to wear digital clothes. Fashionator Virtual Fitting Room is free for everyone!

Metaverse-Enabled Fabrics

Extensive Catalogue of  Traditional and New type of fabrics for Metaverse Era

Something For Classic Artists

If 3d illustration is not enough for you, we prepared  the pattern making tools for you

Make Impossible Clothes

Potentials of Digital Fashion is unlimited, the virtual environment can display anything, and Fashionator App gives you tools for designing out of ordinary